Digital GP Model, Healthcare at Doorstep

Similar to developed countries, for the first time in Bangladesh, the innovative & sustainable digital General Practitioner (GP) model has been launched under the initiative of CMED Health to ensure primary and preventive healthcare for all of our citizens, establish an automated referral system and achieve Sustainable Development Goal through UHC.

What is Digital GP model?

The Digital General Practitioner (GP) model is a technology driven healthcare system that allows local smart health workers/paramedics to come to your doorstep and provide your family with digital healthcare services, assess health risks, provide health education & awareness, and if required, refer you to the doctor in the GP Center. The doctor will listen to you sincerely with adequate time and provide necessary treatment and advice. Through this model, there will be a bridge between the doctor and the patient, at the same time full primary and preventive health care will be ensured.

Healthcare at Doorstep

What you will receive from Digital GP Model?

  • The smart health worker/paramedics will come to your home and create a digital health account for each member of your family.
  • They will provide health checkups & assess health risks using CMED mobile app and integrated smart medical devices. After health checkups, you will also receive necessary health advice to help you and your family lead a healthy life.
  • If there is any kind of health risk, you will be referred to the doctor of the GP center. The doctor will listen to your health problem with adequate time and provide necessary treatment and advice.
  • Following the same procedure, everyone in the family will receive health checkups, treatment and advice from the paramedics and then if required from the doctor at the GP Center.

Digital GP Model Package

To receive this service, you can buy a health card for BDT 100 per month, which will include service at doorstep once a month and doctor’s consultation at the GP center as many times as you need for all the family members.

Benefits of Digital GP Model

Get regular primary and preventive health care for your family, reduce healthcare costs, stay healthy.

Digital GP Model

CMED in collaboration with United Trust has established Digital GP Model in Nayanagar Union of Melandah Upazila in Jamalpur district. This is the first time in Bangladesh such advanced healthcare system is deployed for the rural people in Bangladesh with referral chains to next level of care.
Connecting People, Saving Lives