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Golden Bangladesh
Healthy Bangladesh

‘Our medical sector would be made completely technology-dependent, adding that every hospital in the country would be run centrally by ensuring the use of technology. The medicine and diagnosis records would be brought under the interoperable system through centralized health management software.’ -

Junaed Ahmed Palak, ICT Minister

Public Healthcare in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Global
Health Spending Per Capita $123 $1467
Govt. Health Expense Per C. $22.9 $865
Out of Pocket Expense 72% 18%

Through various health screening camps in public and private offices, CMED promoted preventive healthcare  and thus drive digital health literacy.

CMED Is involved in Health policy and digital policy with relevant Ministries and is closely aligned with the respected ICT minister.

CMED is actively engaged in different training and development workshops targeted towards all level of health professionals and runs its own health institute.