dr badruddoja

Dr. Mohammad Badruddozza

Advisor, Strategy and Partnership

Mohammad Badruddozza Mia has been working in the field of Management and Management Information Systems (MIS) in national and international organizations and universities since 1988. He worked in Proshika, IDS (University of Sussex), World Fish Center, and PIACT Bangladesh. Badruddozza provided consultancy services for a number of national and international organizations in the field of MIS for a considerable period of time. Badruddozza has also taught MIS and Management in Buckingham Business School, University of Buckingham, UK, Southeast University, Dhaka, and Bangladesh University of Business and Technology. He teaches Management and MIS at United International University, Dhaka. Badruddozza did Ph.D. in Information Systems at Open University, Milton Keynes, UK, MSc in Information Management at AIT (Asian Institute of Technology), Thailand, and M Com in Management from the University of Dhaka.