Temperature Scale

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A non-toxic, non-contact body temperature measurement method.

Show, analyze, store and transmit the measured body temperature data using the body temperature management software.

Suitable for both medical institutes and households.



CMED Thermometer
helps to take the measurement of body temperature through an ear. It only takes a few seconds to check an ear temperature. Children will like this way of checking their temperature. CMED smart thermometer gives instant feedback about the temperature level in the body.
Device Specifications
● Measuring Method : Infrared nontouch
● Measuring Range : 32℃~42.2℃
● Measuring precision : Plus/minus
● Resolution : 0.1℃
● Infrared sensor Model : HEIMANN
● Power consumption :
Working stage: less than 8mA
Waiting stage: less than 2uA

2 reviews for Temperature Scale

  1. Md. Sumon

    really it’s very good device.

  2. Md. Sumon

    Its really useful device.

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