National COVID-19 Digital Surveillance System

Currently Bangladesh is going through a severe moment of crisis due to the Corona Pandemic situation. However, with smart data collection tools, intelligent data analytics, predicting high risk zones, appropriate data driven resource mapping, monitoring & tracking COVID+ patients for timely intervention and measuring outcomes, we can minimize risks, control transmission of COVID-19 and save lives. Accordingly, CMED Health partnered with DGHS and developed AI based COVID-19 Digital Surveillance Platform for community mobilization in urban and rural areas (by involving 13700+ community clinics with 30000+ Health workers) through Community Education and Awareness, Screening for suspected case identification, Contract Tracing, Online Triage, Referral for sample collection, testing, intervention (Isolation/Hospitalization, Follow-up and Management).

Specific features of our Platform includes,

  1. Educate the local populace about COVID-19
  2. Perform COVID-19 Screening at the community through registered health/field professionals/workers from their catchment areas
  3. Connect a suspected patient for online consultation through govt. hotline
  4. Screen family members of possible infected individuals for contact tracing
  5. Use of AI for predicting/forecasting, classifying and visualizing high risk zones or epicenter of coronavirus based on the collected screening data and understand dynamics of disease transmission for prevention
  6. Connect a suspected case with the government lab facilities for sample collection and testing
  7. Connect a positive case to DGHS authorized facilities for further diagnostics, treatment and isolation/hospitalization
  8. Assist & support remote monitoring of home-quarantine/isolated patients
  9. Measure outcome of a patient through tracking death and recovery status
  10. Continuous data analysis for flattening the curve using different epidemiological models to help the government make lockdown decision making & resource mapping


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